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Meet Amy – Amy Wilson's Blog



Amy WilsonI grew up being told to work hard and get “a good job.” So that is what I did. In 2002, I took a leave of absence from my corporate sales career to attend business school full-time. My plan was MBA, MRS and MOM. It was going to be perfect! Right!

When I graduated with my MBA what I thought would be a golden ticket turned out to be struggle/challenge. The economy was not great. My employer from which I took the leave of absence was a victim of 9/11 and was restructured several times while I was away at school so going back was no longer an option. Few employers came to campus. I was selected to interview for one cream of the crop marketing role, but that was the thing. There was one job and they went to five top MBA programs interviewing five candidates at each school. One in 25 is good odds….


Fast forward to present, I had been laid off five times through no fault of my own. I decided it was time to look outside the traditional corporate life. I was not getting any younger and I feared that I would never accumulate sufficient assets to retire – can you say bag lady???!!! In fact, it has been 15 plus years since I graduated, and like many people, I am still paying off my graduate school loans.

Thank goodness a childhood friend thought of me when she joined network marketing. I had just been diagnosed with tonsil cancer, was working four part-time jobs (during 2008 financial crisis), living with my mom and was open minded to looking at what she was doing.

Like many of you, I continue to work a full-time corporate job and enjoy my work. I spend weekends with my domestic partner, Roy, family and with friends having fun and building my business. We love to travel and spend summer weekends at our family cottage on a pond in New England. Between work and family commitments, the internet and mobile marketing allows me to schedule focused pockets of time to build my business while still honoring work and social commitments.

I am prepared for what may come my way: illness, job loss, need to care for a loved one and for retirement when I am ready. We have a magnificent future mapped out on a goal/dream board.
Don’t let anyone stop you from creating an Abundant Life! Especially those that do not have the courage themselves to get more out of life!

Most of all I LOVE helping others achieve more by being more!

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