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Work With Me – Amy Wilson's Blog


I was almost six years into my network marketing career with the same company, and I had made very little money. Everyone was telling me to quit and thought I joined a scam. What I saw was a vision of an impactful life free from limitations of a traditional job and career, and a chance to create a plan B for when the next storm hit! I knew the business works, and it was only a matter of time until I found a way I could get it to work for me!

What was being taught was often to go to random networking events to find your next customers or business partners. It was very time consuming, sometimes costly and ineffective. Having begun my career in advertising where we always started a campaign with a target audience it made so much more sense to decide who you are talking to and what value you provide in terms of what problem(s) do you solve. I knew digital advertising provided a vehicle to target people who already have an affinity towards your products and your business.

My theory proved true when I saw a woman who lived in a rural area working three jobs up to 70 hours per week and raising three kids on her own became the fastest growing business builder one year exclusively using social media! Between my past career, my vision for the future, what I saw on stage, and my frustration of “doing it all wrong” I was determined to learn a way.

That brings me to Attraction Marketing and Elite Marketing Pro. I learned a way to have industry leads come to me without leaving home. We are most often speaking to people who already have network marketing experience, an online business or affiliate marketing experience and helping them take their business online.

It has been a game changer! Now I would like to help you get the results you are looking for in your business.


I work with people who have been in the post college corporate work force for at least 10 years and have identified a need for a plan B before they need one, a desire to create a long-term exit strategy and/or a need to accumulate assets for retirement. They often are so busy working and “doing life” they feel they do not have time for anything else yet they acknowledge a need for an alternate source of income!

To work with me you must be:

  • A network marketer
  • Coachable and willing to perform self-examination taking self-responsibility for implementation
  • Hungry for change
  • Dedicated to do work. I will not do it for you. I will be your guide and give you a pole to fish not catch it for you!
  • Have a clear vision of where you want to go and why


If you think we might be right for one another and that you could benefit from coaching and guidance please click the button below to apply to work with me.